teeth whitening

what types of teeth whitening are there?

one type is the in-office teeth whitening which requires 2-3 hourly appointments under the dentist’s supervision.
the other type is the teeth whitening at home . in this case we fabricate a custom tray which will hold the whitening gel in place

I have a few white fillings in my front teeth. will they need to be changed after whitening?

the whitening material only acts on tooth enamel, therefore, the existing fillings will look darker after the teeth whitening & they will need to be changed to match with the new shade of the teeth .

one of my front teeth is darker than the other teeth. is single tooth whitening possible?

single tooth discoloration is usually caused by trauma or root canal treatment .
in this case we use a technique called internal bleaching, which helps us gradually whiten the tooth until it matches the other teeth .