what is a dental implant?

a dental implant is an artificial dental root made of pure titanium, entirely biocompatible . it is placed in the are of the lost tooth & it’s purpose is to hold the artificial prosthetic tooth .
the prosthetic tooth (or teeth) is not removable, which allows the patient to talk & eat easily & feel it as their own .

what is the procedure? is it painful?

initially, a clinical & radiographic check is done & then follows the implant placement .
the procedure of implant placement is painless, since it is done under local anesthesia .
any discomfort experienced post-surgically is similar to that of a tooth extraction & is managed with simple pain killers .
the implants can be loaded with the prosthetic restoration 3-4 months after the implant placement – this allows the implants to integrate into the bone .
for this period of time, a temporary prosthetic restoration is constructed so that it helps the patient functionally & esthetically .

how many implants do I need?

when 1 tooth is missing, then 1 implant is needed .
when 2-4 adjacent teeth are missing, then 2 implants are needed which will hold a bridge of 2-4 teeth, depending on how many teeth are missing .
when there are no teeth on the jaw, then 4-6 implants are needed which will hold a full arch bridge of 12-14 teeth .

after how long is the prosthetic restoration placed?

the prosthetic restoration is placed 3-4 months after the implant placement .
the implant placement & the prosthetic restoration can be placed on the same day of the implantation, if the clinical & radiographic findings allow so .