clear aligners

what are clear aligners & invisible orthodontics ?

invisible orthodontics is a more recent technique of orthodontics that does not use the classic braces but clear aligners .
these aligners are clear & thin splints made of hypoallergenic acrylic material .
it is the easiest & most esthetic solution for adults & teenagers .

which are the advantages of clear aligners?

clear aligners are superior to the classic braces in that they are :

  • esthetic : the material of the aligners is so thin that is practically invisible . this makes them the best solution especially for adults, as they do not affect their appearance & their social life .
  • removable : the patients can remove the aligners during eating, brushing & in important meetings, without affecting their social life or the treatment
  • painless : the aligners do not irritate & do not cause pain on the gums & lips .
  • cost-effective : the treatment is more affordable than other treatment options .

which is the procedure?

during the first appointment, tooth impressions & photographs are taken .
the next step is the fabrication of the clear aligners with the help of high technology computer, in a specialized dental lab.
at the second appointment , the patient receives the first set of 3 aligners for the first month of the treatment & instructions
for their use are given .
each aligner is slightly different in shape than the preceding one, which makes the teeth move with light & controlled movements .
the aligners must be worn 20-22 hours a day .
the same procedure is repeated every month until the desired results are reached .
the treatment lasts 5-15 months in average, depending of the severity of the case .